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70/20/10, Blended Learning, and Ecosystems

Lots of buzzwords in the title of this post! And, my, the controversy surrounding a couple of them lately! I’ve been casually observing the conversations around these topics, and I have decided to insert my two cents. I love that we are becoming more comfortable with questioning what we do and how we do it in L&D,… Continue reading 70/20/10, Blended Learning, and Ecosystems

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It takes a leader…

Something struck me while conducting a needs assessment for a client. Well, actually, it was during a debrief of a focus group for the assessment. Anyway… This needs assessment is uncovering that management does not perceive a need for training for themselves. For others — yes — but not for themselves. Sadly, when we realized this, it was not… Continue reading It takes a leader…

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My First Job: My days as a barista have come full-circle

Recently, there has been an influx of posts from “influencers” on LinkedIn describing their first jobs and reflecting on what they learned from them.  I thought it would be fun to share what my first job taught me! My first real job was at a muffin shop (not to be named here) when I was… Continue reading My First Job: My days as a barista have come full-circle