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It takes a leader…

Something struck me while conducting a needs assessment for a client. Well, actually, it was during a debrief of a focus group for the assessment. Anyway… This needs assessment is uncovering that management does not perceive a need for training for themselves. For others — yes — but not for themselves. Sadly, when we realized this, it was not… Continue reading It takes a leader…

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My Lesson from 2013: To keep things in perspective.

In business, it is far too easy to lose sight of the big picture in terms of the varying degrees of importance and urgency.  And, to top it off, it seems we are reluctant to take our much-deserved vacation time for many reasons (perception being a prime reason).  For some reason we are compelled to… Continue reading My Lesson from 2013: To keep things in perspective.

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Collaboration vs. Cowardice

There have been many articles discussing the importance of collaboration in leadership, and usually these articles discuss the benefits of a collaborative leader.  While I can agree that collaboration is a desired skill in many industries and at most levels I am inclined to discuss with you: The difference between collaboration and cowardice and How… Continue reading Collaboration vs. Cowardice