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70/20/10, Blended Learning, and Ecosystems

Lots of buzzwords in the title of this post! And, my, the controversy surrounding a couple of them lately! I’ve been casually observing the conversations around these topics, and I have decided to insert my two cents. I love that we are becoming more comfortable with questioning what we do and how we do it in L&D,… Continue reading 70/20/10, Blended Learning, and Ecosystems

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It takes a leader…

Something struck me while conducting a needs assessment for a client. Well, actually, it was during a debrief of a focus group for the assessment. Anyway… This needs assessment is uncovering that management does not perceive a need for training for themselves. For others — yes — but not for themselves. Sadly, when we realized this, it was not… Continue reading It takes a leader…

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Best Advice: Overcoming Writer’s Block

In this LinkedIn series, professionals share the words of wisdom that made all the difference in their lives. Follow the stories here and write your own (please include the hashtag #BestAdvice in the body of your post). Writer’s block is no fun. It can be tough to overcome and it can wreak havoc on deadlines.… Continue reading Best Advice: Overcoming Writer’s Block

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10 Things Instructional Designers Hate to Hear

This post is in response to eLearning Heroes’ eLearning Challenge #54.  10 Things Instructional Designers Hate to Hear [in no particular order] “What’s so hard about what you do, anyway?” “Ohhh I understand. So you create that boring stuff that the HR department makes me sit through.” “How could you possibly create training on something… Continue reading 10 Things Instructional Designers Hate to Hear

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Quality assurance, shmality assurance! Who needs it!

The value of quality assurance is often underestimated.  I hate to even admit the number of times I have had to explain to higher-ups why it should never be the place to “save time and money.” While it is temping to settle for “good enough” and sacrifice the time-intensive process that can be quality assurance,… Continue reading Quality assurance, shmality assurance! Who needs it!