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It takes a leader…

Something struck me while conducting a needs assessment for a client. Well, actually, it was during a debrief of a focus group for the assessment. Anyway…

This needs assessment is uncovering that management does not perceive a need for training for themselves. For others — yes — but not for themselves. Sadly, when we realized this, it was not a surprise. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for those in management to think they no longer have a need for training.

To this I say:

Managers don’t admit they need training, leaders do. 

Maybe it’s not that they don’t perceive a need (although I think that’s the case in this instance) but, rather, a lack of time for training and development. Let’s assume not all managers are of this mindset. Managers are busy people. Perhaps it’s an issue of time.

To this I say:

Leaders model behavior that they expect from those who report to them.

Managers say “do as I say, not as I do.” Leaders humbly set the the example. In this case it would be modeling prioritization and making time for those things which help us professionally.

How can we combat this notion that managers believe they do not need training and development? How do we establish that everyone at every level (yes, dare I say, even the C-suite) has something to gain from training somehow, somewhere?


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