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Best Advice: Overcoming Writer’s Block

In this LinkedIn series, professionals share the words of wisdom that made all the difference in their lives. Follow the stories here and write your own (please include the hashtag #BestAdvice in the body of your post).

Writer’s block is no fun. It can be tough to overcome and it can wreak havoc on deadlines. I experience it from time to time and I have a few tricks to get past it.

Do something (else) creative.
Doodle, paint, do crafts, write something else creative. You might also try gaining creative inspiration by reading a fiction book (if time is on your side), reading your favorite blog, or visiting your favorite website. The object here is to keep your creativity flowing in other ways. Forcing yourself to continue to write is counter-productive.

Do something non-creative.
Go for a walk,write your TPS report, or, if you work from home, do a load of laundry or walk the dog. The object here is to turn off the creativity. Give it a rest and engage the “left side” of your brain more.

Get a thought partner.
This one is my favorite because I enjoy bouncing ideas around with other people. Find someone who can brainstorm with you — of course, this needs to be someone who is also creative and can “jive” with you. Let them know you’re experiencing writer’s block and looking for some help escaping it. If necessary, tell them about your project and explain what you have written so far (or let them read it if not lengthy), then tell them where you are stuck.

Go back to previous work on the project.
What has already been done? Instructional designers, what did the analysis say? Revisit your target audience description; channel them. What do you they need to know, see, hear, experience? Revisit the business goal or objective.


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