Instructional Design

10 Things Instructional Designers Hate to Hear

This post is in response to eLearning Heroes’ eLearning Challenge #54

10 Things Instructional Designers Hate to Hear
[in no particular order]

  1. “What’s so hard about what you do, anyway?”
  2. “Ohhh I understand. So you create that boring stuff that the HR department makes me sit through.”
  3. “How could you possibly create training on something that you know nothing about??”
  4. “Oh, I just click the next button until I get to the end.”
  5. “Anyone can do what you do.”
  6. “The SME is going to design the training because they know what should be taught.”
  7. “We don’t need an analysis. We already know what the problem is and what training we need.”
  8. “Of course we need training…it’s the only way to solve performance problems.”
  9. “Welcome to class. The first learning objective is ‘To tell you what you will know how to understand.’”
  10. “I was running behind on time so I skipped a few activities.”

Possible replies for each one, respectively:

  1. “How much time do you have?”
  2. “No. But stop stealing office supplies so they can afford cool simulations and interactions in the training.”
  3. “Telepathy.”
  4. “Do you also run all the red lights on the road?”
  5. “Challenge accepted.”
  6. “The SME is a surgeon, right? Great, I watched a video on how to perform surgery so I will go fill in for him while he does my job.”
  7. “Excellent! Do you also have the winning lotto numbers?”
  8. “Yes, the horses who don’t drink when led to water…they just need training on when to drink water.”
  9. “Here is my business card.”
  10. “That’s okay. When I performed that surgery for you (filling in for the SME) I left a few surgical instruments in you. You don’t mind, do you? I mean, I had another surgery and yours was taking longer than expected so…”

4 thoughts on “10 Things Instructional Designers Hate to Hear

  1. Awesome post, Shauna. Although I wouldn’t be so blunt when it comes to talking to others about their lack of understanding, I totally get how it feels. People at my work grumble about how “stupid” the online courses we are required to take annually, but I think it’s better than the alternative (an all day lecture). If only they would read through it all, then maybe they wouldn’t be so confused during the fire drills.

    1. Thanks, James! I wouldn’t use the replies I provided in my post, either. They are just tongue-in-cheek. =) I am glad you enjoyed the post, and I thank you for promoting it in your blog.

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