Instructional Design

You only thought you knew how to reheat pizza…

[Published on LinkedIn]

We frequent the local Pizza Hut, especially during football season. I love pizza.

The last time we sat down to eat, I happened to notice the reheating instructions printed on the box. At first glance I thought “there are a lot of words there for something so simple.” When I read them I was proud of Pizza Hut for making it fun and creative. It was unexpected, but it was refreshing.

Here are the instructions:

As an instructional designer, I always take the time to read instructions for a few reasons:

  1. I know someone worked hard to write them (in most cases).
  2. I learn from them. Not just about how to do something, but to sharpen my own saw as an instructional designer.
  3. I critique (often criticize) them. This happens more than I would like to admit. I can tell when an instructional designer (or someone with an end-user in mind) was not involved.

When my husband skips the instructions for something, I take the lead reading them and “supervising” the assembly of said household product, etc.

I am known for saying “some instructional designer (I hope) worked really hard on those instructions…”

I digress.

When I read the instructions on the Pizza Hut box out loud my husband said “you’re probably the only person who has noticed them and read them.” Well…now you all have seen and read them, too!

Kudos to Pizza Hut for making it fun! As it should be!


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